Group Booking

Hey! Are you travelling in large groups?

Large group booking in Singapore.

Travelling in large groups and are looking for an affordable place to stay in Singapore?

Central 65 Hostel can accommodate up to 138 number of people and attend to your special group request.

Large group booking will not be a big problem for us and we are one of the hostel Singapore that can accommodate large groups.

Especially when Central 65 Hostel provides a wide selection number of beds in a room,

6 beds; 8 beds; 16 beds and Queens size bed options.

Guest can decide which combination they would like to have and we will provide the best option for them that is available to the requested date and guest could also request to be located on the same level.

Central 65 Hostel welcomes all type of groups visiting Singapore, be it international school groups/excursion or overseas sports community that are here for competition/leisure.

Hence, do not hesitate till the last moment!

Drop us a quick email or message us on our Facebook page to get a better response.