The Bedding

  • paded-iconPadded Mattress protector
  • thread-iconHigh Thread Count
  • cotton-icon100% Cotton
  • blinds-iconPrivacy Blinds
    (Ready in April’15)
  • bug-iconAnti Bed Bugs Mattress

A good night’s rest is of utmost importance to any traveler. A good night’s rest will not only enable to place a person in a happy mood but also the energy to start a brand new day of adventure. The adventure of exploring the beautiful Singapore City.

This is why we place great emphasis on providing our visitors quality sleep with our quality bedding. With a high quality bedding, you’re bound to have a restful night while you stay at a different environment. In the past, we’ve traveled and had a few backpacking adventures of our own. This has led us to experience different types of sleeping accommodation. Our own fair share of experience has allowed us to carefully select one of the most important element to any traveler.

Therefore we’ve selected a mattress with a high thread count linen on top of having a padded mattress protector and privacy blinds to give you your own personal space that you need despite sharing a room.

It is our goal to bring your home, the same comfort and security that you have over to Central 65.